Jonathan Hindson South African, b. 1963

Jonathan Hindson, born in Johannesburg, South Africa (1963), has spent most of his life in the South of France but has always maintained a strong connection with his roots, the influence of this cross section of cultures is particularly evident in his paintings.

Hindson Studied at the Bordeaux Art School before pursuing a career in 3D animation. He is the co-founder of the artist collective L’Atenier Manufacture d’Art and l’Artotheque Tension.

He has exhibited in solo and group shows internationally, participated in the Cape Town Art Fair and  the FNB Art Fair in Johannesburg.  Hindson has been commissioned to produce a number of large works such as a sculpture in Notre Dame de Monts, on the Atlantic coast, frescos for the Serris Gymnasium near Paris or most recently, the gardens of the Maison des Solidarités in Vincennes.

In 2015, Hindson participated in a two and a half month residency, followed by his first solo show in South Africa at Gallery MOMO Johannesburg.