New Works I Ransome Stanley I Cape Town

New Works

Ransome Stanley

Cape Town I 17 Feb to 17 Mar 2016


Gallery MOMO Cape Town is pleased to present Ransome Stanley’s new paintings. This exhibition entitled “New Works”, will run from Wednesday 17th of February to Thursday 17th of March 2016.

Stanley explores notions of heritage in an age of globalisation and movement. As Dr. Daniela Roth articulates, “In his works, Stanley creates connections between Africa and Europe, between past and present”. Stanley is asking the viewer to question where they come from. The surface of Stanley’s paintings is particularly unique with regards to his layering of paint that creates a multitude of synthetic and in some areas, abstracted textures.

For Stanley, painting is a form of language that allows for the interaction of thoughts like no other medium. Stanley states that, “In paintings I can do things like letting things hover, partially dissolve or only hint at. It is subject to no law of physics and it is totally illusory.” Furthermore, the artist creates dialogues with past histories in the present-day context through his appropriation of diverse material and signage. New stories, new contexts and new contrasts arise through these juxtapositions of found objects.

Stanley currently resides in Munich and was born in 1953 in London, the son of a Nigerian journalist father and German mother. From 1975 to 1979, he studied at the Merz Academy in Stuttgart and soon became “master student” under Professor Merz. He has presented in numerous exhibitions as an international artist.