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We represent an exciting, diverse and creative roster of artists, both locally and globally, working across a variety of different art mediums. We seek not only to identify and promote trends in the contemporary art scene on the African continent but also to support, encourage and nurture artists in the diaspora. Through the use of their creativity and narratives, we provide a space for artists to thrive in all expects. We continue to commit to the nurturing and advancement of artists and the art scene, not just on the African continent but the entire globe. 


Founded in 2002 by Monna Mokoena, Gallery MOMO has since become one of the leading voices in the African contemporary scene, both locally and globally. Our commitment to advancing the work of emerging and already established artists from the continent and the diaspora has earned us notoriety for virtuosity and innovation in the field.

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Residency@MOMO was established in 2006. The residency has two spacious work areas and can accommodate three individual artists at a time. It is primarily for visiting international artists and curators across any arts discipline, including visual and performing artists, writers and filmmakers.

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