Curtis Talwst Santiago I Vulture I New Museum’s ‘Triggered’

Vulture I The New Museum’s ‘Trigger’ Is Radical in Content, Retrograde in Form: What Should We Make of That?

By Jerry Saltz

‘On the gnarlier sculptural side of the tracks there’s Nayland Blake, resourceful and intellectually ornery when he needs to be, who calls his life-size bear-bison a “fursona … an avatar in the furry community.” The beaded remakes of Zulu masks of Curtis Talwst Santiago and the porny self-portraits of Paul Mpagi Sepuya strike sparks. (Almost everything I’ve seen by both of these emerging multi-styled artists has caught my eye.) The lecture video by Gregg Bordowitz perfectly combines poetry and pedagogy. If you missed Simone Leigh’s Afrofuturist performance at the opening, find it online.’

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