Africa Without Borders | Tafadzwa Tega: Cape Town

15 August - 14 September 2019

Gallery MOMO is proud to present Africa Without Borders, a solo exhibition by Adolf Tega.


The paintings in this series speak to utopias both real and imagined. Mwanawehvu (Son of the Soil) and After the Step Down commemorate Robert Mugabe’s resignation after three decades in power. This historical moment sparked a spontaneous sense of unity across Zimbabwe and its diasporas. Long-awaited celebration in the streets of Harare saw utopia as a real, if fleeting, possibility. But, as always, utopias are short-lived; the military coup did little to stabilise the economy, repair fractured relationships, or make structural changes in governmental rule. In Tega’s paintings, faces and bodies exercise tension as much as celebration; the collective mood oscillates between hope and uncertainty, anticipation and dissipation.