Aspect : Ratio I Group Show: Cape Town

20 June - 6 July 2019

Aspect ratio typically refers to the proportional relationship between an image and a two-dimensional plane. But, as computer screens superseded TVs, and computer screens are themselves being abandoned for increasingly immersive mediums, ‘aspect ratio’ runs the risk of becoming archaic, irrelevant to its medium. The artists in this video exhibition propose a revision of the term and, by extension, the terms of video art generally. Is it still a video if it’s made on a computer program and not a camera? Who is the author of a video that splices or distorts video content made readily available on the internet? Who can claim an interactive work, which requires not a passive audience but viewers who become participants, performers, technicians? These artists are also highlighting problems that arise in a highly videoed world, such as surveillance and consent, commodification and reproduction, exploitation and censorship.