Congo Revisited: Roger Botembe

20 October 2021 - 10 February 2022

Gallery MOMO is proud to present CONGO REVISITED, an exhibition  in honor the late Roger Botembe (1959 – 2019).  Congo Revisited takes a step back in time to rediscover contemporary African art through Botembe's eyes in the zeitgeist of figurative black portraiture.  The title of the show is borrowed from Angelo Turconi's book of the same title, a photographic memoir of his time that spans 50yrs in the Congo. In an attempt to s satisfy his passion and curiosity through 'compassionate' portrayal of the daily lives of the Congolese focusing on their cultural heritage, artisanal and artistic traditions, the exhibition seeks to parallel this experience through the eyes of a Congolese. Tirconi's photographs are described as capturing the power of ancestral ceremonies and celebrations presided over by chiefs that "still" occupy a prestigious position and in so being reveal the social structure of this central African community.