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The other day, I visited auction house Strauss & Co to look at a watercolour monotype of an unpeopled landscape in the Kruger National Park by Durant Sihlali. The company plans to sell later in this month. “Unnnnggggghhhheeeee!” I mouthed like a dumfounded character from a Tom Wolfe novel. A work by Sihlali, especially one of his urban watercolours or later monotypes, has the capacity to do that, render one inarticulate, capable only of comic-book outpourings of surprise and delight.

Andrew_Tshabangu_-_2019-11-08 (2) (1).jpg

Xposure 2024 : Andrew Tshabangu “Quiet images”

Andrew Tshabangu is noted for his engaging documentary photography, which frequently depicts everyday life in South Africa from a distinct perspective. Andrew Tshabangu, a South African world-renowned documentary photographer, discusses his past influences in his photography practice as well as his new body of work titled "Quite Images" in a recent interview with African News Agency. He is currently exhibiting his new body of work in a photographic group exhibition titled "Bamako Dreams" at Xposure 2024 in the UAE.

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