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Exploring healing and African spirituality: Kagiso Gundane’s show at RMB Latitudes Art Fair

Multidisciplinary visual artist Kagiso Gundane is set to showcase his latest work at the RMB Latitudes Art Fair, taking place from 24 to 26 May at Shepstone Gardens in Johannesburg.  Although the collection remains untitled, Gundane has revealed that the central theme revolves around healing, drawing deeply from African spirituality.

Gundane, 25, has spent years developing a body of work that delves into the intricate layers of this spirituality, inspired by his mother, a practising traditional healer. 

Andrew_Tshabangu_-_2019-11-08 (2) (1).jpg

Xposure 2024 : Andrew Tshabangu “Quiet images”

Andrew Tshabangu is noted for his engaging documentary photography, which frequently depicts everyday life in South Africa from a distinct perspective. Andrew Tshabangu, a South African world-renowned documentary photographer, discusses his past influences in his photography practice as well as his new body of work titled "Quite Images" in a recent interview with African News Agency. He is currently exhibiting his new body of work in a photographic group exhibition titled "Bamako Dreams" at Xposure 2024 in the UAE.

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