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Annegret Affolderbach is an accomplished and diverse artist and cultural futurist with a passion for the environment and sustainability. Her works span various mediums, from sensory art to podcasts, and have been recognized and supported by many prominent brands and organizations. Her background in sustainable fashion and experience as an editor have equipped her with unique insights and perspectives, making her a valuable voice in the fields of art, culture, and sustainability. Born in East Germany, Annegret brings awareness to our kinship with the living world.
As visionary ecological artist and cultural futurist, with her thought-provoking works that awaken us to the unexpected rooted in our ecologies, cultures, and lifestyles. Her wide-reaching vision for the planet and people weaves together sensory artworks, experiences, and creative strategies in response to landscapes and cultural elements found within.


For her residency at Gallery MOMO, she will be focusing on her project Day Dream Meadow. Daydream Meadow is an intimate sensory encounter with the magnificent landscape at The Cradle Of Humankind. It is an improvised flow of sensory interaction with clay, water, Earth pigments and wildflower seeds. During this period she will form a series of ephemeral objects embracing Wabi Sabi aesthetic: nature’s beauty, ceremony, simplicity, imperfection and impermanence. Each object will become an ephemeral wildflower seed vessel; a living ecological artwork that will be placed at ‘Momo Outskirts’, where together they will form a colourful wildflower meadow.

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