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It was our pleasure to host Samara during her residency at Gallery MOMO and RESIDENCY@MOMO. The RESIDENCY@MOMO is a collaborative effort between our institution and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). This partnership has facilitated the development of an array of exceptional talents over the years, and we remain committed to fostering creativity and innovation in the arts.


She examines how we read, don’t read, and misread language; and how we dissolve, disseminate and dissipate stories. Samara collages objects and oral histories inherited from the women in her family with her lived experience, embedding language and image into hidden or undisclosed layers of handmade garments, quilts, fabric sculptures, and drawings simultaneously to the writing of poetry, essays, and short stories. Her making process calls to histories woven into warp threads and recipes saturating cuffs.

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