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Kagiso Gundane is a multidisciplinary visual artist, born and raised in the North West Province, South Africa. Born into a family of three, he is the oldest and only male among his siblings. Gundane has been fascinated and enthusiastic about art from a young age, and as a result pursued a visual arts degree at the University of Johannesburg. He works in a variety of art mediums, including; printmaking, drawing, sculpture and installations. Growing up among African traditional healers in his community, his subject matter is centered around African spirituality and cultural sensitivity in a post-colonial space. As a person with a spiritual gift, Gundane is more involved in his work to express his ideas and interpretations at a close and intimate level.


“Ingoma Yomhlaba” is a tribute to our strength as people who survived colonial times. It’s a way to reconnect with our roots and find healing in today’s world. With each piece of art, I want to create a space where people can reflect and heal, and where we can connect with our heritage in a South Africa that’s moved past colonialism. My art mixes the old with the new, bringing traditional practices into our modern lives and helping us heal from the past.

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