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Phoka started out as a writer in 2007, when he started working on a collection of poems. He ventured into writing short-stories and plays for theatre. 2011 he began painting full-time as self-taught artist. With his first exhibition in 2013, he focused on working full-time as a sculptor and painter. With a scholarship he went to study art from 2015 to date, getting training as a printmaker and ceramicist. Since then his work has been shown at Aardklop Arts Festival (2013), ArtLovers (2013), MB Studio (2016), Lizamore & Associates (2017) and most recently Anecdotes Gallery (2017). His art is inspired by the very environment that he occupies and its prevalent conditions, in particular including public spaces, most especially the streets of the city, downtown residential squalid and survivalist conditions. 



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