Summer Showcase | Group Show : Johannesburg

7 December 2017 - 3 February 2018

Highlighting the rich breadth of painting that has been produced at the MOMO Artist Residency over the past three years, Gallery MOMO Johannesburg’s Summer Showcase 2017 is an opportunity to see works on canvas, paper and metal that bring context to the diversity of a medium that is constantly finding new meaning in the current moment.


Our youngest and newest painter Kenrick McFarlane calls upon the language of ‘Western Masters’ to create interiors of his own mind riddled with visions of history that has excluded the black experience and body. These visions encompass the body in full within the works of Florine Demosthene, the paint becoming almost flesh-like, while Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum turns to a practice of pseudo-science to investigate the means in which gender, race and our stories have been made fact and fiction. Jonathan Hindson breaks from the standard material of paint, using a photo transfer process to etch eerie ghosts of figures and architecture on panel while Maurice Mbikayi interrogates the political climate in the DRC through a collage of currency and other domestic materials. This political edge takes form in the machete held behind the back of one of American artist Robert Pruitt‘s delicate works on paper while they find an uncanny sense of familiarity in the street scenes of  Joël Mpah Dooh, whose abstracted figures and settings have a refreshingly immediate feel painted across sheets of metal.