GEODESY (-33.923429, 18.413935) I Group Show I Cape Town

GEODESY (-33.923429, 18.413935)

Group Show

Cape Town I 4 Aug to 3 Sep 2017


Gallery MOMO, Cape Town is pleased to announce their first Group Show for 2016, GEODESY (-33.923429, 18.413935), which will open on the 4th of August and run until the 3rd of September 2016.

GEODESY is an exhibition that explores mankind’s endless curiosity with space and how it contributes to our awareness of dignity and limitations. GEODESY probes the sources to our surrounding landscape and how the two-dimensional depictions of landscapes have for centuries been a reference to generate understanding with our relationship to nature. Individual artists, who form part of this exhibition, uses nature, minerals and soil as an integral ingredient in the production of their artworks.

 GEODESY intimately explores ‘trappings’ to our questions of how the dynamism of the earth can be represented sufficiently on a two dimensional plane. The exhibition thus portrays that individuals are not simply passive recipients but rather active participants, who “speak up, act up and consciously insert themselves in nature.